Therapy Assistant Services

We understand that it can be difficult to translate the skills learnt in therapy to daily life, so our Therapy Assistants play an invaluable role in bridging this gap.

We are here to support you to achieve your therapeutic goals

We have a talented team of therapy assistants that work with you at home or in the community to practice your therapeutic activities, as instructed by your Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Dietitian, Audiologist or Exercise Physiologist.

We have a dedicated and experienced team of therapy assistants

All Brightside’s therapy assistants are qualified with a relevant disability or health qualification, and are available to provide support across a variety of locations, whether at home, school or out in the community. Either on weekdays or weekends and we are here to support you to achieve the best possible therapy outcomes.

We work with your Therapy professionals to get the best outcome

Brightside’s team of professionals have training and a passion for working in the disability industry. Guided by qualified allied health professionals, they provide a higher standard of care for people with disabilities.

Therapy Assistant Services FAQ

Allied health professionals (ie: physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, dieticians, psychologists, social workers) are university qualified professionals. They are responsible for assessing, identifying, diagnosing, making recommendations, treating, and supporting people with health conditions, developmental disorders, or disabilities.

Allied health assistant’s are an extension of allied health professionals. They help to reinforce and support the individual when they are not under the watch of their therapist and support you to achieve plans given from the allied health professional.

Yes, this normally falls under skills and capacity building.

This can include fine motor activities, gross motor activities, self-care activities, social and cognition skills.